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Blockchain Strategy

You have heard a lot about the hype around blockchains. Can your company truly benefit from applying new applications based on blockchain? Which part of your business operations might be a subject of migration to blockchain?  How should transformation be scheduled to maximize benefits? Which type of blockchain?

Our experts can help you assess your current business operations, security requirements, identify use cases and recommend the best blockchain type that suits your expectations considering the power and limitations of different types of blockchain solutions. We provide strategy consultation from the seed of an idea all the way through to the final solution.

Business Case Alignment

Business Case Alignment in early project phases ensures that you have chosen the technology that best supports your business goals. We analyze the business requirements, compare them with the capabilities of blockchain and provide a detailed report on the business and technology fit.


Secure operations of distributed applications based on blockchain assumes not only technical and physical safeguards but also well-defined policies, processes, procedures and responsibilities that govern the operation segment. We develop a comprehensive policy framework or review and modify existing documentation in order align with new business and IT operations.

ISO27001 Preparation

The ISO/IEC 27001 certification is a universally recognized accreditation issued by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS) that is designed to assist organizations in managing their information security processes aligned with international best practices.

Maintaining an ISMS results in lower exposure to malicious attacks and to unintentional security breaches caused by internal staff. Accreditation demonstrates the company’s commitment about security and its willingness to protect customer’s data.

Passing an ISO/IEC 27001 certification requires a risk management process and a comprehensive data protection framework implemented across the organization. In the course of the service we assess the company’s current security practices, pinpoint deficiencies relative to the requirements of the standard and remediate the gaps. As a result of the service the organization will be ready for the certification audit.

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Business continuity management is the ability of an organization to effectively respond to threats that have an extensive impact on business operations. Continuity of critical business processes and IT operations must be ensured even during disaster situations. Permissionless blockchains are disaster-resistant due to the large number of geographically distributed nodes. However permissioned blockchains usually do not provide sufficient capability to withstand disaster situations. The contingency capability of a complex system is limited by the weakest link, so each component of a distributed application /smart contract must be analyzed from a disaster resistance perspective.

We assess complex systems based on blockchain infrastructure and the blockchain platform itself, if necessary, and provide recommendations on improving the software and hardware architecture to meet business continuity needs.


Cryptographic tokens defined on blockchains can represent any digital or physical asset (e.g. currencies, security tokens) or access rights to assets. Our experts can design token economic models that support your expectations. The task involves identifying stakeholders and their interests, defining use cases envisioned, modelling the supply and issuance strategy and documenting the entire lifecycle of the token.


Tokenization is digitizing ownership of real-world assets into security tokens. Tokenized assets increase liquidity, can be easily moved and are independently controlled. Issuing tokens removes middlemen and lowers fees and barriers to market entry, while providing retail investors with direct ownership and control. Tokens allow for an immutable audit trail and smart compliance, automated reporting and distribution processing. Our experts can advise you throughout the entire process, with special emphasis on security and compliance.

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