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Permissioned Blockchain Development

Public (permissionless) blockchains offer a transaction platform for parties that lack trust. The price of the robustness is low performance, which makes them unusable for many business use cases. The solution is private or permissioned blockchains that offer a fast, flexible infrastructure for the concerned companies while maintaining inherent benefits of the blockchain platform. We evaluate business requirement and design, construct and maintain private blockchains.

Smart Contract / dApp Development

Smart contracts and dApps are applications based on blockchain. We develop and deploy custom smart contracts/dApps on Ethereum or Hyperledger blockchains based on business requirements. The task covers understanding use case, designing the architecture of the contract and all involved system components to represent the business logic of smart contracts, developing the codebase and testing the system prior to going live.

Custom Token Development

Cryptographic tokens defined on blockchains can represent all digital or physical assets (e.g. currencies, security tokens) or access rights to assets. We provide end-to-end solutions to custom ERC20 token development ranging from requirement analysis, conceptual design, modelling and Smart Contract/dApp development to infrastructure maintenance.

API development

At the crossroads of APIs and blockchain, we help our clients leverage the advantages of a blockchain-based backend while keeping existing investments in business logic, frontend systems and mobile apps. We develop, maintain and secure public/private APIs between permissioned or permissionless blockchains and existing enterprise backend and frontend systems.

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