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Permissioned blockchains require operation activities depending on the actual implementation (e.g. custom-built, cloud-based, etc.). You can outsource all blockchain and non-blockchain operation tasks to our team of experts. They can fine-tune the infrastructure to the business needs (e.g. expanding the number of nodes), provide security and performance monitoring of components.

Trusted 3rd-party

Participants of permissioned blockchains can challenge data authenticity and integrity as less complex consensus methods are applied in these implementations and conflict of interest might arise amongst them.

In these types of blockchains, an independent third party can serve as a resolver for such disputes.

We provide the following Trusted 3rd-party services:

  • Trusted Node operation
    As an independent organization, we are not involved in the usage of blockchain services, operate Hyperledger and Ethereum-based trusted nodes (aka audit nodes, forensic node) to a given permissioned blockchain implementation. The node and its operation are secured and fulfil all related compliance requirements. The Trusted Node provides independent evidences whose integrity is ensured throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • Authority Management
    Permissioned blockchains are controlled by a set of organizations, where access to blockchain is limited to only the involved parties. Authority management is a key task in these types of implementation. Our team of experts provide professional independent authority management services to the consortiums of organizations forming the blockchain.

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